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(gī or gē)
v. t.1.To guide; to govern.
Discreet enough his country for to gye.
- Chaucer.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Just 136 bears roamed the GYE when they were placed on the ESI.
First place: Lucknow (LKO) Second place:Guayaquil(GYE) Third place: Bandung (BDO)
Out of the four common grizzly bear foods in the GYE, only whitebark pine seeds are known to have an influence on grizzly bear mortality risk and reproduction.
In 2011, both the Sankofa East oil field and Gye Nyame gas fields were discovered.
Mae'r gem yn gye hefyd i hy"orddwyr dros dro y Gleision, Paul John a Dale McIntosh, ddangos eu gallu a chipio tlws, wrth i'r rhanbarth ystyried hy"orddwr newydd llawn amser.
Cawn gye i weld a chlywed y grwp buddugol yn y wp buddugol yn yw Sioe Fawr yn Llanelwedd ar y prynhawn cyntaf.
The total dose applied ranged from 40 GyE to 80 GyE to the isocenter, and 95% or more was irradiated to the PTV.
Li's group and the other support groups have been actively lobbying the Japanese government to help Li Gye Son, a 66-year-old resident of Pyongyang who is listed in Hiroshima Prefecture's record of victims of the 1945 atomic bombing by the United States.
''I think it was good that mother and son were able to meet,'' Shigeru, 73, said after watching footage of Wednesday's reunion of Kim Young Nam, 44, with his mother Choi Gye Wol, 78, and sister Kim Young Ja, 48, at the Mt.
The "Gye Nyame" symbol, probably the most famous Adinkra symbol, symbolises the omnipotence of God.
The dose unit for these charged particles is called a Gy equivalent (GyE).