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Noun1.Gypaetus - in some classifications the type genus of the family AegypiidaeGypaetus - in some classifications the type genus of the family Aegypiidae
bird genus - a genus of birds
Accipitridae, family Accipitridae - hawks; Old World vultures; kites; harriers; eagles
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Protein concentrations have been observed to increase with age for bald ibis (Geronticus eremita), (30) cinereous [black] vultures (Aegypius monachus), (31) common [ring-necked] pheasants (Phasianus colchicus, (32) burrowing parrots (Cyanoliseus patagonus, (33) and bearded vultures (Gypaetus barbatus) (34) and decrease with age for common ostriches (Struthio camelus), (10) canvasbacks (Avthya valisineria), (35) brown pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis), (36) and harpy eagles (Harpia harpvja).
Among these literary rare species there is an extinct species in Portugal (the bearded vulture, Gypaetus barbatus, mentioned by Aquilino Ribeiro).
2009: Diet and food preferences of the endangered Bearded vulture Gypaetus barbatus: a basis for their conservation.--Ibis 151: 235-243.
Evaluation of the extinction risk and of conservation alternatives for a very small insular population: the bearded vulture Gypaetus barbatus in Corsica.
However, the vulture restaurants' attempts to conserve the endangered population of bearded vultures (Gypaetus barbatus) in the Pyrenees have had undesirable responses: while the number of breeding pairs increased, the breeding success dropped dramatically.
Factors influencing nest site selection, breeding density and breeding success in the bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus).
Himalayan Griffon choose inaccessible cliffs and precipices on the ledges of which they nest in company, though the nest are well separated and probably do not number four or five in one locality (Bates and Lowther, 1952).Sometime, old nest of Lammergeier (Gypaetus barbatus) is used, singly or few pairs scattered on same cliff face (Baker, 1935, Lees and Christie, 2001).