Gypsophila paniculata

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Noun1.Gypsophila paniculata - tall plant with small lance-shaped leaves and numerous tiny white or pink flowersGypsophila paniculata - tall plant with small lance-shaped leaves and numerous tiny white or pink flowers
flower - a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
genus Gypsophila, Gypsophila - Mediterranean herbs having small white or pink flowers
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In vitro mutagenesis, plant regeneration and characterization of mutants via RAPD analysis in Baby's breath Gypsophila paniculata L.
After evaluating a variety of coastal zone plants and dune flora, the following sorts of plants were chosen: Festuca rubra L., Gypsophila paniculata L., Thymus serpyllum L.
This is in agreement with some earlier studies to assess the role of growth regulators on shoot initiation in Ducrosia flabellifolia [11], Khaya grandifoliola [14] and Gypsophila paniculata [4].
The other disadvantage is that after flowering the foliage dies back, leaving ugly holes which I hide by planting Gypsophila paniculata, asters, or anemones behind each clump.
_: ABSTRACT: Apical meristem as explant was used to micropropagate the economically important cut flower plant, Gypsophila paniculata L.
They found that molecules called saponins, extracted from the Gypsophila Paniculata plant, appear to break down the membrane of cancer cells.
(2001), no cultivo de Gypsophila paniculata, em que todas as plantulas mantidas em casa de vegetacao desenvolveram um menor comprimento de parte aerea, quando comparadas as plantulas mantidas em sala de crescimento.
And to add yet more fizz and sparkle is Gypsophila paniculata with clouds of flowers that will give a misty background to its bedfellows.