Alba Iulia

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Al·ba Iu·lia

 (äl′bə yo͞o′lyə)
A town of west-central Romania on the Mureşul River. It is on the site of the ancient settlement Apulum, founded by the Romans in the second century ad.
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(15) Another humanist, who took up residence in Transylvania, the Dalmatian (Hungarized Croat) Antonius Verancsics or Verantio/ Wrancius (1504-1573), bishop of Alba Iulia--Weissenburg in German and Gyulafehervar in Hungarian--(he would later become cardinal and viceroy of Habsburg Hungary, under the successor of Ferdinand I), also states that "the Wallachians call themselves Romans" (Valacchi, qui se Romanos nominant) and provides an example: "When they ask somebody whether they can speak Wallachian, they say: do you speak Roman?
St Michael's Cathedral at Alba Iulia belongs to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Alba Iulia (Gyulafehervar in Hungarian).