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Adj.1.H-shaped - shaped in the form of the letter H
formed - having or given a form or shape
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Roughly H-shaped in plan, the host building had a fairly intractable interior mapped out by grid-lines, serried ranks of structural columns, and numerous service cores, and was vertically restricted by low ceiling heights.
But what I couldn't tell was that the upper six floors were h-shaped and smaller in size than the rest of the building, which would be the ideal space for Legal Aid.
Although unseen in normal applications, the amplifiers adopt the H-shaped bottom chassis from the top-of-the-line PRS-A amplifiers to eliminate vibrations and resonance caused by constant movement of a car, so the listener better hears the sound delivered by the amp ensuring a richer sound experience.
But developers say the latest application for an H-shaped, two-and-a-half-storey building addresses householders' concerns and planning officers have recommended approval.
H-shaped on plan, the house had two parallel wings, running east-west and connected by a cross-bar at first floor level, above a vaulted basement.
They are clamped together at each joint in an H-shaped configuration with solid steel rivets.
Respective ceiling height, wall thickness 10 cm, wall surface coated sheet steel, filled with KMF and asbestos, including dismantling and disposal of the H-shaped connecting profiles between the individual wall elements because KMF and asbestos is the TRGS 521 and TRGS implement 519;
The multi-million-pound complex would be H-shaped and located off Durham Road.
Each panel is 2000mm wide, 8000mm long and 115 mm thick and each is stiffened with H-shaped steel members welded to the sheets.
In addition to the traditional pool gameplay modes, Real Pool offers 25 puzzle games that take place on uniquely shaped tables such as a cloverleaf, a star, a triangle and an H-shaped table.
Tenders are invited for moulding, plastic, h-shaped, 1/2" width, for joining 3 inches to 6" inclusive, split plastic conduit.