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Noun1.Hans Christian Andersen - a Danish author remembered for his fairy stories (1805-1875)Hans Christian Andersen - a Danish author remembered for his fairy stories (1805-1875)
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The Danish writer H.C. Andersen is famous for his many deep, often sad stories meant for children, but often, those books, too, are as informative for adults as for children, being social critics and revealing the truth behind the facade of society.
The influence of H.C. Andersen's fairy tales and stories on Danish children's literature is ongoing and visible for researchers as well as for child readers.
Over the road is Copenhagen's town hall, outside of which sits a statue of one of the city's most famous sons, a fitting preview of the next attraction on our list - the H.C. Andersen Experience.
Salha, a 14-year-old Bedouin girl from the Wadi Abu Hindi School read out her story which received the special mention at the H.C. Andersen Fairy-tale Bay Literary Award this year.
After learning of the findings at the H.C. Andersen Park, officials in Funabashi began checking radiation levels in the park and the affected area was made off limits by its operator.
Copenhagen Copenhagen's statue of The Little Mermaid, known from H.C. Andersen's fairytale, began its journey to Shanghai on March 25.
Many performed at or attended the gala opening and closing ceremonies, and informed their own countries about H.C. Andersen celebrations.