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v. t.1.See Haze, v. t.
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HASE associative thickeners differ structurally from HEUR in that they are polyelectrolytes and of much higher molecular weight and lower hydrophobe density.
To get a complete picture of dispersion phenomena in associative thickener systems, studies of dispersion and paint optical properties analogous to those for the HEUR systems were undertaken for HASE systems to compare and contrast the two thickeners.
Optical properties of paints containing HASE, Ti[O.sub.2], and dispersant
For comparison, an optimized HASE paint had 60[degrees] gloss = 82, 20[degrees] gloss = 41, and C.R.
MODEL PAINTS: 20 PVC model paints containing Ti[O.sub.2], acrylic latex, and thickener (HEUR, HASE, or HEC), drawn down and analyzed for contrast ratio, 20[degrees] gloss and 60[degrees] gloss.
This is in sharp contrast to what is observed for pigments thickened with HASE and HEUR thickeners, as will be described in the following sections.
BACKGROUND: HASE polymers differ from HEUR polymers in that the polyelectrolyte nature of the backbone allows them to have some activity as a dispersant for certain pigments.
This is presumably because the dispersant displaces the HASE polymer from the pigment surface, and there is no coupling of the pigment into the associative polymer network at this point.
Figure 2 shows viscosity versus shear rate curves for two coatings formulations having about the same Krebs-Stormer viscosity, but one is thickened with HASE and the other is thickened with a nonassociative thickener (ASE or HEC).
Nonassociative polymer -- Alkali-swellable emulsion (ASE) or HEC of comparable molecular volume to the HASE.
Mixtures of latex, HASE, and surfactant were prepared in clear glass containers at 25% polymer solids by volume and allowed to equilibrate for at least 60 hr before evaluation.
This is in sharp contrast to what is observed for the latexes with HASE and HEUR thickeners.