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Of or using a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen: an oxyhydrogen torch.
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(General Engineering)
a. a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen used to provide an intense flame for welding
b. (as modifier): an oxyhydrogen blowpipe.
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(ˌɒk sɪˈhaɪ drə dʒən)

pertaining to or involving a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen.
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The Electrolysis methodology is completed in HHO Dry Cell, when the ebb and flow begins moving through the stainless steel plates electrolysis procedure is done between the 2 terminals of the plate by which water particles get divided as HHO gas. The mix of this produces extraordinary results.
Adding HHO gas to the fuel/air mixture has the brief effect of growing the octane rating of any fuel.
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Hydrogen has been used on internal combustion engines since 1807, NASA has used HHO gas for years.
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Production of HHO gas and its application in an automobile
--Producing HHO gas (Brown's gas)--an inflammable mixture of hydrogen and oxygen.
Using an electric current of U = 12 V voltage and I = 25 A strength the generator produces [Q.sub.HHO] [approximately equal to] 1.5 l HHO gas in t = 60 sec.
where: [E.sub.electric]--the amount of electric power consumed for production of one litre of HHO gas, J: