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The bioacoustic features of most species in our study were congruent with the previous descriptions (Cardoso and Vielliard, 1985; Hodl, 1992; Bastos et al., 2003; Guimaraes and Bastos, 2003; Heyer and Reid, 2003; Martins and Jim, 2003; Nunes and Junca, 2006; Silva et al., 2008; Vilaca et al., 2011; Jansen and Schulze, 2012; Gambale and Bastos, 2014; Toledo et al., 2014).
Among the beneficiaries from the Silk Road sell-off was notoriously bullish VC investor Tim Draper, who has since seen the value of his HODLed coins expand almost 14 times over.
HODL -- an acronym for 'hold on for dear life' -- is a popular term used in the cryptocurrency world, and refers to holding the digital asset rather than selling it.
Streissl and Hodl (2002) were able to determine habitat utilization of the Stone Crayfish, Austropotamobius torrentium Schrank, by logistic regression analysis associated with the metrics of boulders.
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Visual communication in anurans has been reported in numerous species and across several families (Hodl and Amezquita, 2001; Hartmann et al., 2005; Grafe et al., 2012).
(11.) Kaddu S, Soyer HP, Cerroni L, Salmhofer W, Hodl S.
Summary: Stockholm: Six-month-old Nour Al Hodl smiles, perched on her mother's knee in the dining room ...
Henry's turn to the Platonic view of substances together with the demand of the age to ground faith on reasoning from reality, perceived as existent first by our senses, produced in him a historical wish for the God known not only by analogies but also by some essential and positive sameness with humankind (Gilson 1955:449, Davenport 1999:151ff., Hodl 1994:562-564).