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"Teri jhori daaroon, sab sukhe paat jo aaye (When I spread (open) your bag, all the dry leaves come)/ Tera chhua laage, meri sukhi daar hariyaaye/ (When you touch me, my dry branch (body) becomes green/ Dil hoom hoom kare, ghabraaye (My heart is gasping, it shivers in fear)/ Jis tan ko chhua tune, us tan ko chhupaaoon (The body that you touched, I am hiding that body)/
Endothelial dysfunction contributes to renal failure-associated cardiovascularmortality in a population with mild renal insufficiency: The Hoom study.
(56.) For critiques of this assumption, see Konijn and Hoom, from a discourse processing angle; see also Walsh.
- Slogan used by Astle when he swapped soccer for window cleaningIf we'd had him at Hastings against the Normans, they'd have gan hoom.
Barbara Creed and Jeanette Hoom (eds), Body Trade: Captivity, Cannibalism and Colonialism in the Pacific, Routledge Press in association with Pluto Press, 2001; ISBN (Routledge): 0 415 93842 2; ISBN (Pluto): 1 86403 184 0; 296 pp.
"I wole with othere maydens stonde, That been my felaweso, in oure dore and se associates The markysesse, and therfore wol I fondeo try To doon at hoom, as soone as it may be, The labour which that longetho unto me; belongs And thanne I may at leysero hire biholde, leisure If she this wey unto the castel holdeo." (281-87) continues Griselda intends simply to get enough of her day's work done to justify her taking time off to see the bride of the marquis of Saluzzo pass by.
South Korean Red Cross chief Suh Young Hoom made the proposal in a statement issued on the 30th anniversary of making proposals to open inter-Korean Red Cross talks.
Chaucer shows no evidence of using such greetings to Alla in his rewriting of this episode: "Alla the kyng comth hoom soone after this / Unto his castel ..." (876-66).
Griselda alludes to this mutation of her identity later in the poem, when Walter rejects her: "For as I lefte at hoom al my clothyng, Whan I first cam to yow, right so," quod she, "Lefte I my whyl and al my libertee, And took youre clothyng; wherfore I yow preye, Dooth youre plesuance; I wol youre lust obeye...." (653-58; my emphasis)
SEPTEMBER 24 - Defence Secretary Geoff Hoom took out an injunction against us in a desperate attempt to cover-up Army murders in Northern Ireland.
And whan that hoom was come Phebus, the lord, This crowe sang 'Cokkow!