human papillomavirus

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human pap·il·lo·ma·vi·rus

n. Abbr. HPV
Any of various genera of papillomaviruses that cause cutaneous and genital warts in humans, with some strains associated with cervical, anogenital, or laryngeal carcinomas.
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hu′man papillo′mavirus

the virus that causes genital warts.
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It looked at figures, worldwide, eight years after vaccinations started and found that cases of HPV infection fell by 83 per cent in girls of 15-19 and by 66 per cent in women of 20-24 years of age.
Researchers said previous analyses focused only on measures of current HPV infection (viral DNA) or past HPV infection (antibodies), producing sometimes competing results, making it difficult for experts to predict current and future trends.
It is estimated that about 80% of sexually active women get a HPV infection by the age of 50 [2].
Changes in male and female sexual behaviors may be associated with the increased prevalence of HPV infection in oral cavity recently reported.
In women living in richer countries, regular Pap testing and the HPV vaccine have proved highly effective in cutting rates of HPV infection and cervical cancer.
HPV infection that persists may eventually cause cancers or HPV-related diseases.5
"Increasing our knowledge of HPV infection of anal tissues could help physicians identify populations at risk and promote prophylaxis with vaccination and adequate screening," the investigators wrote in the November issue of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology.
HPV infection is the most prevalent sexually transmitted genital infection.
In view of the high prevalence of HIV infection in South Africa, the aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of HIV-positivity in men with SCC of the penis treated at our institution, and to determine its relationship to age at presentation and HPV infection.
She added: "HPV infection presents a significant and increasing health burden in both males and females but currently only girls are offered the vaccine.