Keogh plan

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Ke·ogh plan

A retirement plan for the self-employed and their employees.

[After Eugene James Keogh (1907-1989), US representative from New York.]

Ke′ogh plan`

(ˈki oʊ)
a pension plan for a self-employed person or an unincorporated business.
[1970–75, Amer.; after Eugene J. Keogh (1907–89), N.Y. congressman]
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Noun1.Keogh plan - a tax-deferred pension plan for employees of unincorporated businesses or for self-employed persons
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The HR-10 plan is also a means of providing retirement security for employees working for the self-employed individual.
Likewise, an HR-10 plan must meet the minimum participation, coverage and nondiscrimination rules applicable to corporate qualified plans.
An HR-10 plan is not required to have an institutional trustee, such as a bank or insured credit union.
In addition to the above requirements, there are a number of others that an HR-10 plan must meet in order to be "qualified" under section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.
employee benefits--individual retirement accounts, HR-10 plans, tax deferred annuities, 401(k) plans, and vested deferred compensation and pension plan benefits (including beneficiary designations).