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n. histerosalpingografía, radiografía del útero y de los oviductos por medio de material de contraste.
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The orientation of the house and windows also plays a role in the resulting savings from HSG and LSG technology.
According to GE Plastics, its LNP Thermocomp HSG compounds have been shown to shield radiation with the effectiveness of lead without leakage or hot spots (areas where X-rays can penetrate).
Laparoscopy with HSG (Hysterosalpingography) revealed 20 cases of tubal blockage (16 bilateral and 4 unilateral) as compared to laparoscopy alone, which showed 17 cases of tubal blockage (13 bilateral and 4 unilateral) (Table 4).
Harbert reported to the HSG regional office in Golden, regularly filing reports by phone or in writing and occasionally attending account-manager meetings there.
Based on NIAB's results, Aber HSG varieties have recorded by far the highest scores for cut six D-value, and also demonstrate excellent characteristics for a dense, persistent grazing sward.
HSG is partnering in the project with Jones Lang LaSalle of Chicago and Rawson Blum & Leon of San Francisco.
HSG acquired XCEL and BioSelect for restricted common stock, valued at about $2.
The company considered CNC turning and conventional rough grinding, but eventually settled on the HSG process to provide most of the stock removal on the main bearings.
Conclusions: Infertile patients who underwent HSG were mostly in older age group with secondary infertility being slightly more common emphasizing early work up and care.
The actual incidence is not known as some of the patients will conceive and never undergo HSG.
2 May 2012 - Finnish private equity firm Panostaja Oyj (HEL:PNA1V) said on Wednesday its engineering logistics and industrial packaging firm Vindea Group Oy is buying domestic peer HSG Logistics Oy for an unrevealed price.
GSP says HSG suffered losses of $113m in 2002, $67.