n.1.Ability; aptitude.
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According to De La Grange et Reille [11]the Starlings are famous for their hability to quickly learn to thwart traps, set for them, or get used to the scarecrow, firecrackers and other systems used to frighten them.
States have been unable to agree on principles of state-to-state hability in an environmental context that would allow for ex post resolution of disputes.
To detect extended spectrum [beta]-lactamases (ESBL) strains which hidrolyzed 3a generation cephalosporins (Cftx, ceftazidime Caz 30 [micro]g) as well as the monobactam aztreonam (Azt 30 [micro]g) and those inhibited by CAM but not by cefoxitin (Fox 30 [micro]g) were observed; boronic acid discs (Bor) were also used because its hability to inhibit plasmidic AmpC serin [beta]-lactamases (AmpCp) with 3[degrees] generation Cfp as indicators (17).
A more important inquiry into causal connectivity is captured in the term "proximate cause," which is meant to prevent indeterminate hability.
The insurance does not relieve trust members of hability, but it does create a clear and lower-cost mechanism for employers to meet their obligations towards their injured and ill employees.
La palabra empleabilidad surgio de la palabra inglesa employability, que proviene de la union de las palabras: employ (empleo) y hability (habilidad) (Campos 2003).
HSEA/ Hability say European Accountants (Contador Europeo Habilitado)
Este resultado empirico de la importancia de los sistemas contables fue tambien encontrado en el estudio de Vilma Villalobos, quien senalo que "on the demand side, entrepreneurs who have accounting practices are more likely to possess a better idea about the cash flow of their firms and their hability to service a loan.