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A person who uses computer hacking as a means of social reform or protest.

[Blend of hack and activist.]

hack′ti·vism n.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) informal a person who breaks into a computer system in order to pursue a political or social aim
[C21: blend of hacker and activist]
ˈhacktivism n
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Anonymous, LulzSec, and WikiLeaks are just some of the well-known hacktivist groups out there right now.
If you didn't know, Anonymous is a self-styled hacktivist collective with its members spread across the world.
The real-life analogue is Anonymous, an often-politically motivated hacktivist group which takes up causes and hacks governments, corporations and other bodies with which it disagrees.
One citizen's hacktivist is another's cyber terrorist, or so the new adage goes.
These categories form the vectors of hacktivist and state coproduction that emerge in selfie-incrimination.
iDefense observed that public sector organizations are prime targets for hacktivist attacks because they are large, recognizable targets that represent policies and ideologies opposed by the hacktivists.
In the film, Ramsey is the film's smoking hot hacktivist who invented the hacking device God's Eye.
Hacktivist group, Anonymous, has threatened global banks with 30 days of distributed denial-of-service attack disruptions.
Surrounded by the Cavalry, Mockingbird and biochemist Jemma Simmons, kick-butt hacktivist Quake--aka Daisy Johnson--is the leader of her own superpowered team.
India, March 18 -- Hacktivist group, Anonymous has followed through on their threats against Donald Trump and released his private information such as his phone number, Social Security number, and the address of his residence in Florida.
Hacktivist group Anonymous has said it is going to take on Islamic State.
In a video posted on YouTube# on Saturday, the hacktivist group Anonymous declared war against the "Islamic State.