Hacky Sack

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Hack·y Sack

 (hăk′ē săk′)
A trademark for a footbag.
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Hack′y Sack`

(ˈhæk i)
Trademark. a small leather beanbag juggled with the feet as a game.
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I resented the disorder and yearned for a return to our carefree afternoons playing hacky sack and exploring downtown shops.
Hacky sack, simply keeping a ball up in the air, using the entire body, the ball smaller than a fist, made of string and seeds.
Avoid the Sticky Ball, Hacky Sack and Superball Syndrome[TM] that holds you back.
A small group kicked around a hacky sack. Visitors with extra solar glasses shared them with those who had none.
Before it hits the ground, though, they use their foot to pop it up like a hacky sack and catch it in their hand.
Unfortunately, we hadn't had a chance to buy a hacky sack yet, so we were unable to make it happen.
Schoolcraft, a member of the official Hacky Sack Hall of Fame, says he wants to root out the "blatant corruption" in county government.
One Hacky Sack. One bottle white vinegar (jellyfish antidote).
Wham-O Hacky Sack Striker KIDS can test their football skills without the risk of smashing a window by using this durable bean-filled footbag in a football design.
Because the fields were nothing but puddles of water and mud, this counselor took her entire class and had them playing hacky sack soccer under the eaves on the back porch of the lodge using overturned benches and other handy pieces of furniture.
How do you keep fit?: I kick my hacky sack. My most recent record is 287 consecutive kick-ups.
It cannotS be long bef ore civilisation is decimated by nuclear war, probably started by Iran, or North Korea, or President Obama hanging his jacket on the big red button during a game of hacky sack with his oh-so-groovy White House staff.