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(ˌhɑːdrəˈmɔːt) or


(Placename) a plateau region of the S Arabian Peninsula, in SE Yemen on the Indian Ocean; formerly in South Yemen: corresponds roughly to the former East Aden Protectorate. Area: about 151 500 sq km (58 500 sq miles)
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or Ha•dra•maut

(ˌhɑ drəˈmoʊt)

a region on the S coast of Arabia, on the Arabian Sea, in the Republic of Yemen.
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In Aden, Yemen's student support society has signed an agreement with Kuwait Society for Student Support (KSSS) to improve education in two schools in Tareem district in the governorate of Hadhramawt. Waseem Rubaihan, director of the student support society, said in a statement the agreement would contribute to improve education in Damoon and Khadija schools for girls.
While his first trip, undertaken in April 2017, saw him take 55 tonnes of aid to the town of Seiyoun in the Hadhramawt Governorate, his sixth, and to date one of his final trips, saw him take far more: Nasr and his group of well-meaning volunteers had enough relief supplies to send 45 tonnes of material across five trucks.
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Southerners have attacked the new structure, as it divides former southern Yemeni provinces across two regions, separating Aden, Dali, and Lahij from Hadhramawt province.NORTH-SOUTH ISSUE The Socialist party-ruled People's Democratic Republic of Yemen in the south voluntarily unified with North Yemen in 1990 but tensions resulted in a civil war in 1994.
Wadi Hadhramawt, for example, arguably the most verdant wadi in the Arabian Peninsula, does have large quantities of underground water, as do some wadis north of the Arabian Sea port-city of Mukallah.
(37) AQAP launched a number of attacks in 2009 against government targets; in November, for example, it killed several security officials in Hadhramawt province.
Excavations at Sharmah, Hadhramawt: The 2001 and 2002 Seasons.
One is loath to believe that six successive civilisations - Ma'an, Qataban, Hadhramawt, Awsan, Sheba and Himyarite - were replaced with a contemporary semblance of a country that borders on a failed state.
One bright spot was work under way to increase output at Block 10 in the Hadhramawt, operated by Total, to 60,000 bpd from 45,000 bpd by the end of the year, he said.
During the zenith of Aksum's influence, the South Arabian states of Saba, Himyar and the Hadhramawt had very close ties to the African empire.
Another business highlighted in today's document is the Al-Hamati Sweets Bakeries in the Hadhramawt area of Yemen.