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n. hemoperitoneo presencia de sangre en la cavidad del peritoneo.
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After 2 h, haemoglobin decreased from 14 g [dL.sup.-1] to 9 g [dL.sup.-1], and computed tomography showed haemoperitoneum. On arrival in the operating room, haemodynamic, respiratory and oxygenation parameters were in normal range.
However, haemoperitoneum that may cause to another emergency or to huge hematomas on the abdominal wall are rare (4).
Most of the complications during and after operation, especially blood loss and haemoperitoneum occur due to improper secure of angles and individual bleeding points.
Aetiology of spontaneous haemoperitoneum in the non-trauma setting can vary and causes can be classified as follows: [20]
Spontaneous haemoperitoneum in pregnancy and endometriosis: A case series.
Craft, "Haemoperitoneum after Traumatic Avulsion of Uterine Fibroid," British Medical Journal, vol.
An abdominal CT showed a moderate sized haemoperitoneum, particularly in the upper abdomen, left anterior perihepatic space, and surrounding a significantly enlarged segment of an omental artery in the left upper abdomen.
Kalaichandran, "Spontaneous haemoperitoneum in labour from ruptured utero-ovarian vessels," Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, vol.
The contaminations had led to severe bacteraemia, meningitis, catheter related infection, respiratory infection, haemoperitoneum and renal transplant infection.8 This particular strain is also the most prevalent species to be found in cystic fibrosis patients.
Haemoperitoneum was secondary to partial separation to placenta and same was the cause of foetal demise.
Even though the authors randomised the patients, in our opinion they failed to categorise the group of patients they refer to by not quantifying the haemoperitoneum. The description of such patients can be difficult, as there is no agreed standardisation.