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n. hemoneumotórax, acumulación de sangre y de aire en la cavidad pleural.
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CXR: Lt haemopneumothorax, CT: Lt haemopneumothorax with pneumoperitoneum and free fluid in pelvis.
The chest X-ray confirmed bilateral multiple rib fractures and haemopneumothorax, with lung contusion.
All patients were subjected to detailed history and respiratory system examination to ascertain fracture of ribs, flail segment and haemopneumothorax.
This was a huge milestone in the progress of managing penetrating chest trauma and overcoming the inherent problem of the associated haemopneumothorax and allowing for re-expansion of the lung.
2] 119 mmHg 3: F, 27 60 MVA pedestrian vs car: liver laceration, right haemopneumothorax, S.