(hĕm´ô`skōp or hē´mô-)
n.1.(Physiol.) An instrument devised by Hermann, for regulating and measuring the thickness of a layer of blood for spectroscopic examination.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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PlateletMapping.--PlateletMapping (Haemoscope Corporation, Niles, Illinois) is a modification of the standard thromboelastography that measures clot viscoelasticity as a measure of platelet aggregation with different agonists.
TEG was carried out with apparatus TEG 5000 (Haemoscope Corporation, United States).
Thromboelastography was performed with a computerized thromboelastograph (TEG 5000 Hemostasis Analyzer, Haemoscope Corporation, Niles, IL, USA) 60 minutes after the sampling.
These samples were sent to the hemostasis laboratory and thromboelastography was performed within 3 h after blood collection according to the manufacture's instruction (TEG 5000, Haemoscope Corporation, Heamoscope, illinois, USA) by trained technicians of the hospital.
Prior to the termination of CPB, a thromboelastograph (TEG) (Haemoscope Corp, IL) was performed.
We used citrated whole blood reactivated with calcium chloride and stimulated with kaolin for the measurement of [MA.sub.thrombin], as recommended by Haemoscope, whereas Bliden et al.
Thrombo--elastograms were performed at baseline on a sub-population (N=11) using the Haemoscope Corporation TEG Hemostasis analyser.
Haemoscope's Thrombelastograph (TEG) Coagulation Analyzer monitors the thrombodynamic properties of blood as it is induced to clot under a low-shear environment resembling sluggish venous flow.
Blood samples stored in 3.2% trisodium citrate were evaluated by TEG within 30 to 120 minutes of collection (TEG 500 Thromboelastograph, Haemoscope, Niles, 1L, USA) by using the kaolincitrate technique according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
According to the manufacturer's protocol (Haemoscope Corporation TEG[R], Illinois, USA), 340 [micro]l of blood was pipetted into a pre-warmed TEG analysis cup.