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n.1.A caviler; a wrangler.
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Militarily, it is supported by Operation Dignity, commanded by General Khalifa Belqasim Hafter (also pronounced Hifter, Heftar and Hefter).
Hafter voiced concern regarding EU countries' ignorance of the legitimate government as they extensively debated developments in Libya and what action to be taken toward them.
Hafter troops in the Tunisian airspace, the minister said at a press conference held Thursday.
HAFTER spending close to PS3,000 on our beloved cat's acute coronary problem - the vet calls it "flabby heart syndrome" - we were promised, sorry, warned, the pampered puss would be sharpening her claws on the Pearly Gates in 12 months max.
Equally, the paper says, the Algerian government does not go along with the Egyptian government's support for Khalifa Hafter and Operation Dignity because it has achieved nothing so far.
Hammers turned their attentions to Frey hafter having an ambitious PS7m bid for Ecuador's highly-rated World Cup striker Enner Valencia turned down.
Mafter countless gigs acrRoddy received an emaLerwick, supporting Amcountry singer Kris KriCraig wanted them t Bright Light Fever on hAfter a nerve-wrackifor visas, the six-piece lHollywood ready for thchance.
L'ancien chef d'etat-major de l'Armee de terre, le major-general Khalifa Hafter, a annonce, dans un discours de onze minutes, diffuse par la Television nationale, le gel du Congres national et du gouvernement et une feuille de route en cinq points, prevoyant, entre autres, la creation d'un comite presidentiel preside par la Cour supreme et la designation d'un nouveau Premier ministre.
From his self-imposed exile, Gareth re-emerged at eth Show to win the breed title with Esgob Hafter long absence frohe repeated the feat on with Harri's sister, EsgThe two-year-old h then tapped out as the t Merion-Charolais Harri.
HAfter a few weeks away Doctor Who returns for the second half of season six.
For more information, please contact Diane Hafter of ARCADIS U.
Her ability to grasp and see the world and the developing insurance markets throughout the world really makes her and made her a very strong candidate for Lloyd's, which generally has a much broader perspective of the world insurance market than what people generally have domestically," Hafter said.