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n.1.A caviler; a wrangler.
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Il est possible que le trajet emprunte par le navire donne a penser que le destinataire est soit Hafter , soit des mercenaires en attente de materiel militaire, d'equipements ou d'autres outils de guerre utiles, a-t-il estime .
Also, Khartoum speaks about support to rebel groups particularly in Darfur region through the Libyan general Hafter who is supported by Cairo.
Belhadj is known to be the financer of terrorist organizations in Libya and is one of the most hostile fighters against the Libyan national army led by Khalifa Hafter Over the last three years, Egypt has battled terrorism by building and reconstructing what terrorists destroyed.
Egypt has good relations with Hafter since the beginning of the presidency of Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.
Benghazi, capital of Libya's eastern half, now is controlled by the self-promoted "Field Marshal" Khalifa Hafter, head of the Libyan National Army (LNA) whose air force is feared by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) controlling Libya's capital Tripoli and the country's western half.
The Foreign Ministry said, in a press statement Saturday, that the spokesman of the forces of the Major General Khalifa Hafter in eastern Libya has held a press conference during which he made a series of fabrications and lies that claim Sudan's relation with some parties on the Libyan arena.
HAfter her stint on the ITV dating show, the 22-year-old confessed that her actual reason for applying was not to find love but to push her latex brand, Amentium, by wearing an outfit from it every week on the show.
Hafter has openly defied the authority of the Tripoli government since it was put in place and his forces have been clashing with government troops in several locations.
El resultado no gana tanto en objetividad, como indica Hafter (444), como en la creatividad que se desprende de poder usar la imaginacion sin limites.
A spokesperson for Hafter denied Wednesday that the leader had signed any new contracts on the aircraft carrier, but confirmed that Libya would receive an estimated $4.
See the following scholarly articles on her novels: "Portugal en la obra de Carolina Coronado" by Alberto Castilla, "Carolina Coronado as Novelist" by Monroe Hafter, and "Irony in Carolina Coronados Paquita: The Voice of the Female Subject in Spanish Romanticism" by Judith Kirkpatrick.
HAfter several seasons in the fashion wilderness, during which time minimalism and monochrome reigned supreme, flower-powered picks are back on the catwalks, and when you get a load of these gorgeous garms, you'll want them in your wardrobe too.