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 (hā′gər, -gär)
In the Bible, the Egyptian servant of Abraham's wife, Sarah. With Abraham she had a son, Ishmael.


(ˈheɪɡɑː; -ɡə)
(Bible) Old Testament an Egyptian maid of Sarah, who bore Ishmael to Abraham, Sarah's husband


(ˈheɪ gɑr, -gər)

the mother of Ishmael. Gen. 16.
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"There are traditions still extant among the people of Slavs of the true faith suffering under the yoke of the 'unclean sons of Hagar.' The people have heard of the sufferings of their brethren and have spoken."
But you know how the angel commanded Hagar to return to her mistress, and submit herself under the hand;[1] and the apostle sent back Onesimus to his master."[2]
The angel bade the pregnant Hagar return to her mistress Sarai, even though Sarai had dealt harshly with her.
Hagar, the witch, chanted an awful incantation over her kettleful of simmering toads, with weird effect.
Broker Care Insurance Brokerage targets to achieve about EGP 20m worth premiums during its first year of operation in accordance with the conditions and instructions issued by the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA), the company's Chairperson, Waleed Abu Hagar, said.
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DAV National Commander Delphine Metcalf-Foster and National Adjutant Marc Burgess announced the appointments of Ron Minter as assistant national voluntary services director and Janice Hagar as associate national communications director at DAV's National Headquarters in Cold Spring, Ky.
It dates back to the hatred and bitterness that existed between Sarah, wife of Abraham, and her Egyptian maidservant named Hagar, as narrated in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.
Tara Hagar, 31, was about to start work in Longbank Road, Ormesby, when the tyre hit the back of her Citroen vehicle on Wednesday.
Al Jazeera News When his daughter Hagar graduated from high school, Mahmoud Hussein clipped articles from newspapers about universities from the confines of his prison cell.
BIRTHDAYS: Nana Mouskouri, singer, 83; Paul Simon, singer, 76; Edwina Currie, author and former MP, 71; Sammy Hagar, rock guitarist, 70; Chris Carter, writer and TV producer (The X-Files), 60; Marie Osmond, singer and actress, 58; Kelly Preston, actress, 55 (inset); John Regis, former athlete, 51; Ian Thorpe, Olympic swimmer, 35.