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also Hag·ga·da  (hä′gä-dä′, hə-gä′də, -gô′də)
n. pl. Hag·ga·doth (-dôt′, -dōt′, -dōs, -dəz) Judaism
1. Traditional Jewish literature, especially the nonlegal part of the Talmud. Also called Aggadah.
2. The book containing the story of the Exodus and the ritual of the Seder, read at the Passover Seder.

[Hebrew haggādâ, narration, telling, from higgîd, to narrate, tell; see ngd in Semitic roots.]


(həˈɡɑːdə; Hebrew haɡaˈdaː; -ɡɔˈdɔ) or


n, pl -dahs, -das or -doth (Hebrew -ˈdoːt)
1. (Judaism)
a. a book containing the order of service of the traditional Passover meal
b. the narrative of the Exodus from Egypt that constitutes the main part of that service. See also Seder
2. (Judaism) another word for Aggadah
[C19: from Hebrew haggādāh a story, from hagged to tell]
haggadic, hagˈgadical adj


or hag•ga•da

(həˈgɔ də, ˌhɑ gɑˈdɑ)

n., pl. -dahs or -das, -doth, -dot (-ˈdɔt)
1. a book containing the story of the Exodus, used at the Seder service on Passover.
2. (cap.) Aggadah.
[1855–60; < Hebrew; see Aggadah]
hag•gad•ic (həˈgæd ɪk, -ˈgɑ dɪk) hag•gad′i•cal, adj.

Haggada, Haggadah, Aggada, Aggadah

1. the explanatory matter in rabbinic and Talmudic literature, interpreting or illustrating the Scriptures.
2. a book in which is printed the liturgy for the Seder service. — haggadic, haggadical, adj.
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Noun1.haggadah - Talmudic literature that does not deal with law but is still part of Jewish traditionHaggadah - Talmudic literature that does not deal with law but is still part of Jewish tradition
Talmudic literature - (Judaism) ancient rabbinical writings
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Each individually wrapped kit provided through DSCP contains about 14 items including one pound of matzoth, one matzoth cover, one white yarmulke, one Haggadah, canned gefilte fish with sauce and two shrink-wrapped pearl onions.
Remembering the invitation recited at the beginning of the haggadah, I asked him, "Are you hungry?
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In the words of the Haggadah, "bekhol dor vador khayav kol adam lee'rot et atzmo ke'ilu hu yatza mimitzrayim:" "in every generation each one of us must imagine himself as if he were leaving Egypt.
Hanhart claims that Mark's open tomb story is properly seen as a Passover Haggadah written for his own people, a "midrashic aggadah expressing his indomitable faith and hope in God in a time of great crisis" (p.
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What: A public seder led by Senior Rabbi Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin and Rabbi Boris Dolin, featuring music and a reading of the Haggadah.
Obligations, fears, illness and other issues men deal with will be highlighted in a newly created Haggadah, the ``guidebook'' to participating in a Passover seder.
By reading the Haggadah, which tells the story of the Exodus and explains the traditional Passover Seder, Jewish children learn about their proud heritage and the importance of faith, courage, endurance, and love.
THE ORIGINS OF THE SEDER AND THE HAGGADAH HAVE long been a subject of interest.
You remember how on Passover they tell you the Haggadah can be read as an allegory and that there are layers of things behind it?
The Seder will feature music, a reading of the Haggadah, traditional ceremonial foods, wine, juice and a full-course catered meal with gluten-free and vegan options available at registration.