Hague The

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 (hāg), The or 's Gra·ven·ha·ge (skrä′vən-hä′gə, sKHrä′vən-hä′KHə)
The de facto capital of the Netherlands, in the western part of the country near the North Sea. The Hague grew around a palace built c. 1250 by William of Holland (1228-1256) and is today the seat of the country's legislature and supreme court and of the International Court of Justice.
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Fearing next month's Party conference could be overshadowed by the row, he also declared Mr Hague the Tories' "most overrated politician".
Having been opposition spokesperson on foreign policy should make Hague the foreign secretary a known and predictable quantity, but his path will be influenced by the policies and workings of the Tory-LibDem coalition.
Mr Hague the politician has embarked on a UK tour and has been squeezing flesh and kissing babies to boost his popularity.
Hague the Video seemed designed to prove he could knot his own tie and go down to the shops alone.
"Hague the Vague" romped home in a final poll of Conservative MPs by 92 votes to bruiser Ken Clarke's 70.