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n. pl. Haida or Hai·das
1. A member of a Native American people inhabiting the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia, Canada, and Prince of Wales Island in Alaska.
2. Any or all of the language varieties spoken by the Haida.

[Haida ḥà·t'e·, ḥà·de·, the people, from ḥà·ta·, ḥà·da·, to be human.]

Hai′dan adj.


npl -das or -da
1. (Peoples) a member of a seafaring group of North American Indian peoples inhabiting the coast of British Columbia and SW Alaska
2. (Languages) the language of these peoples, belonging to the Na-Dene phylum
ˈHaidan adj


(ˈhaɪ də)

n., pl. -das, (esp. collectively) -da for 1.
1. a member of an American Indian people of the Queen Charlotte Islands in British Columbia and Prince of Wales Island in Alaska.
2. the language of the Haida.
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Noun1.Haida - a member of a seafaring group of North American Indians who lived on the Pacific coast of British Columbia and southwestern AlaskaHaida - a member of a seafaring group of North American Indians who lived on the Pacific coast of British Columbia and southwestern Alaska
American Indian, Indian, Red Indian - a member of the race of people living in America when Europeans arrived
2.Haida - the Na-Dene language of the Haida
Na-Dene - a family of North American Indian languages
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Sadly, in spite of the protected designation, this remote homeland of the Indigenous Haida people has been beset with overwhelming change.
Though it was not discussed, I believe that speaking to the halibut and rubbing the bait on its eyes was part of the Haida protocol for fishing, a practice that reflects the value that Haida people place upon animals.
The park reserve is a collaboration between Parks Canada and the Haida people to manage a national park reserve.
Among them are the gigante Aloeus from Greek mythology, cannibal bapets of Ute folklore in the US, the frost giant Drottr from Norse mythology, Intulo the lizard man of the Zulu in Kwalulu Nata, the Salmon People of the Haida people in the US Pacific Northwest, and the primordial giant Upelleru of the Hittites and Hurrians.
So, in November 1985, Haida people went to Athlii Gwaii, set up a camp, and prepared to peacefully block the road and stop the destruction.
With logging attempts halted by united protests by the Haida people and the islands on their way to restoring their past grandeur, the Haida people have renewed efforts to revive their fading culture, highlighted by the first raising of a monumental pole on the islands in more than 130 years.
The HSRC, which was started by the indigenous Haida people of western Canada in response to dwindling salmon stocks, has contested the raids and allegations of illegality.
There, he met with Haida-speaking storytellers, poets, and historians who related their oral traditions to Swanton as he transcribed them, thereby creating the only existing written record of the oral traditions of the Haida people.
The Haida people make up about 45 percent of the total population.
The social history and aesthetic value of art made by Haida people are subjects often in conflict or marked by a lack of clarity.
The Haida people, who are native to these islands, and who carved these poles, have an ancient history rich in both art and warfare.
which included one sinking off Haida-Quay and a thousand near misses as he ministered amongst the isolated coastal communities, including the Haida people where the basket had come from.