Hair Texture

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Hair Texture

  1. Dead-looking if it had been glued on —Willa Cather
  2. Frizzy brown hair like short feathers —Marianne Hauser
  3. A grand shock of hair, like the best type of sheepskin rug —Phyllis Bottome

    The Point of Vantage, from which this is taken, leads off with a simile. Here it is in full context: “Teobaldo Kurt Dubrik was a large stout man with a grand shock of hair, like the best type of sheepskin rug.”

  4. Hair and mustache fluffy as down —Mark Helprin

    See Also: MUSTACHES

  5. Hair as glossy as a blooded chestnut’s coat —Elizabeth Spencer
  6. Hair as sleek as a seal’s fur —Sarah Bird
  7. Hair … black and dense and glossy, like boot polish —Maeve Brennan
  8. Hair … coarse and slightly wavy, with just a trace of oil all over it, like a well-tossed salad —Roald Dahl
  9. Hair, frizzy like unravelled rope —D. H. Lawrence
  10. Hair … like a coiled piece of copper —Laurie Colwin
  11. Hair like a frizzled yellow sponge —Phyllis Bottome
  12. Hair like blown-up gold and finer than gold —Joyce Carol Oates
  13. Hair like dirty cotton —Loren D. Estleman
  14. Hair like fuzz on a tennis ball —Jean Thompson
  15. Hair like moth-eaten fur —Ellen Glasgow
  16. Hair like Persian lambs’ fur —Saul Bellow
  17. Hair like porcupine quills —Elizabeth Tallent
  18. Hair … like the raffia you had to soak before you could weave with it in a basket class —Saul Bellow
  19. Hair … matted and dry, like that of a sick animal —W. P. Kinsella
  20. Hair … tough as a rocking horse’s —Penelope Gilliatt
  21. Hair rich and dark, clustering thick as grapes or hyacinths —Elizabeth Spencer
  22. Hair … rough, like a mongrel dog’s —Frank Tuohy
  23. (Black,) shiny hair, hard as bristles —Ivan Turgenev
  24. (His curly straw) hair shone like frail golden wires on his head —James Stern
  25. Hair smooth as a cat’s —Jayne Anne Phillips
  26. Hair … soft as milkweed silk —McKinlay Kantor
  27. Hair … straight as a string —Dorothy Canfield Fisher

    In her story Married Children, Fisher expands on this with, “She looks like a squaw.”

  28. Hair … texture like damp thread —Anthony Powell
  29. (A mane of black) hair that was as thick as a tow rope —Sumner Locke Elliott
  30. Hair, thick and coarse as dune grass —Marge Piercy
  31. Hair thick and glossy like fur —Martin Cruz Smith
  32. Hair, thick as a cushion —Helen Hudson
  33. Hair tough as a rocking horse’s —Penelope Gilliatt
  34. (Her pale red) hair was wispy and stuck out from her head like duckling down —Tama Janowitz
  35. Her hair, after all the combing, shone like something Marco Polo might have brought back from Far Cathay to show the peasants —William Dieter
  36. Her locks had been so frequently and drastically brightened and curled that to caress them … would be rather like running one’s fingers through julienne potatoes —Dorothy Parker
  37. His fine dark hair looked more like a shadow than like real hair —Katherine Mansfield
  38. Long coarse hair, like a mop —Rosa Guy
  39. Straight shining hair like smooth straw —James Stern
  40. Thick, bulging hair, like a bear’s fur —Albert Moravia
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But some supporters have also pointed out that no other hair texture has needed legislation to prevent discrimination.
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Vitamin C also helps to softten the skin and improve hair texture due to the collagen it contains.
"The presence of variants in PAD13 in both CCCA and uncombable hair syndrome suggests that this gene has a pleiotropic effect on the determination of hair texture, and the finding holds implications for future development of therapy, such as the restoration of PAD 13 activity," he concluded.
Crenshaw said that black people have often been compelled to give up their preferred hairstyles and use chemicals or other manipulations to change their natural hair texture to conform to "arbitrary and aesthetic expectations."
I was lawless by name--and by hair texture. The White Australia Policy was well gone in 1990, having been officially dismantled by 1975, but my lived experience is different:its influence continues in a persistent marginalisation because of one difference.
No daughter had uniform hair texture, so all the products we tried were invariably never enough for them.
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