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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: coloring - a dye or tint for the hairhair coloring - a dye or tint for the hair    
dye, dyestuff - a usually soluble substance for staining or coloring e.g. fabrics or hair
henna - a reddish brown dye used especially on hair
rinse - a liquid preparation used on wet hair to give it a tint coloring - coloring of the hair; "her hair-coloring was unusual: a very pale gold"
coloration, colouration - appearance with regard to color; "her healthy coloration" coloring - the act of dyeing or tinting one's hair
rinse - the act of giving a light tint to the hair
coloring, colouring - the act or process of changing the color of something
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Fabric dying with Codium species of seaweed and leather dying, hair dying, health supplements is already in the markets produced by Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea etc.
Grey hair dying is like running: also often taken up by people in their 30s, it's a way to keep the body looking young - so long as you don't use a cheap brand.
For hair dying, there should be separate space in the shops, according to a statement issued by the municipality.
Learners from the Arts Department, Health & Social Care and from SLDD and Foundations courses organised cake stalls, hair dying in Pudsey's colours, Where's Pudsey?
PPD is the permanent black colouring agent applied with ammonia and hydrogen peroxide in hair dying (8).
Sixth form students at Whitley Bay High School in North Tyneside smashed their original target of PS2,000 with a series of fundraisers, such as leg waxing, rowing competitions, hair dying, along with many cake and hot chocolate stalls.
Young consumers aged 20-29-years old are the least likely (60%) to use any hair dying products.