hair transplantation

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hair trans·plan·ta·tion

n. trasplante de pelo, trasplante de epidermis que contiene folículos pilosos de otra parte del cuerpo.
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- Hair Transplantation, Base Year 5-Year Forecast, China
Hair loss is treated with drugs and hair transplantation: hair follicles are removed from one part of the body (e.g., the back of the head) to the site of hair loss.
Dr Nasir said that over 100 qualified plastic surgeons were available in the country, mostly in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad to perform safe hair transplantation. They are members of the Hair Restoration Society of Pakistan.
Breast reduction (gynecomastia) ranked number four with more than 24,000 procedures, up 22 per cent since 2000, and hair transplantation ranked fifth, up 17 per cent since 2017.
It now has nearly 30 hospitals in key cities around the country and provides treatments, including plastic surgery, body sculpture, injection plastic surgery, laser cosmetology, traditional Chinese medicine cosmetology, oral management, hair transplantation and other medical services.
LAHORE -- Pakistan can earn substantial foreign remittances through hair transplantation as around 200 foreigners visit different cities of the country for this purpose monthly largely due to skilled and lower cost of transplantation in the country.
LAHORE:Pakistan can earn substantial foreign remittances through hair transplantation as around 200 foreigners
Patients from GCC, Jordan, and Lebanon, have a great interest in hair transplantation and eye surgery and treatments, such as Lasik surgery and lens replacements, which are very popular in Istanbul and Kusadasi.
LAHORE -- Scores of quacks are active in hair transplantation by offering low cost which is causing spread of skin diseases besides hepatitis in the country.
Looking ahead, MGM Medical Centre aims to set up branches in Dubai, and add to its portfolio of medical services, with a cardiology and dermatology department, an X-Ray laboratory as well as ultra-modern options for laser treatment and hair transplantation.
His aim is to study medicine and find new solutions in hair transplantation, someth-ing he saw on YouTube and was fascinated by.