Haitian Creole

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Haitian Creole

A language spoken by the majority of Haitians, based on French and various African languages.
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Hai′tian Cre′ole

a French-based creole spoken in Haiti.
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Noun1.Haitian Creole - a creole language spoken by most Haitians; based on French and various African languages
creole - a mother tongue that originates from contact between two languages
Latinian language, Romance language, Romance - the group of languages derived from Latin
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"The son of a working single mom, Leo Jean Baptiste grew up speaking Haitian Creole in a New Jersey home without internet access.
Winning recognition across the most diverse of musical genres and quite comfortable performing in English, French, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. She has been nominated over 70 times for her music and has won many awards.
The new novella, which the health department is distributing in doctors' offices across the city, is available in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, Bengali, Chinese, Russian, Yiddish and French.
In Delray Beach, Fla., a Haitian Creole pirate (a common programming choice among Florida operations that are unlicensed) recently popped up at 101.1 MHz.
The next most common language was Arabic (spoken by 100,461 students), followed by Chinese (99,943), Vietnamese (80,283), and Haitian Creole (35,467).
Attorneys bi-lingual in other languages, including Russian, Haitian Creole, Korean, Chinese, Hindi andAmerican Sign Language, may be requested when making reservations.
The Haitian Creole term derives from the French expression "rester avec" ("stay with"), and it describes the minors whose low-income families send to live with wealthier families, in principle so they can receive general care, including education, in exchange for carrying out light domestic tasks.
Haitian-Americans and their supporters waived Haitian flags and chanted in English and Haitian Creole near his "winter White House," according to local reports.
Patients who primarily spoke Spanish or Haitian Creole had increased odds of positive ZIKV screening results during pregnancy
"In the Babel that is Miami, it is not unusual to walk for blocks at a time without hearing a word of English; the city is home to many immigrants who speak only Spanish or Haitian Creole. But the powerful bus drivers' union has blocked the county from assigning drivers to routes on any basis but seniority, which means buses are often packed with passengers who can't communicate with their driver."
A notable exception is the poem, translated from the Haitian Creole, by Felix Morisseau-Leroy.

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