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Noun1.Hakham - a Hebrew title of respect for a wise and highly educated man
form of address, title of respect, title - an identifying appellation signifying status or function: e.g. `Mr.' or `General'; "the professor didn't like his friends to use his formal title"
Hebrew - the ancient Canaanitic language of the Hebrews that has been revived as the official language of Israel
sage - a mentor in spiritual and philosophical topics who is renowned for profound wisdom
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The hakham ("sage," meaning "Rabbi") and expatriate Spaniard Immanuel Aboab (1555-1628) articulated an official, pious contempt toward border-crossers when he wrote the following indictment in a letter to converso leaders in France between 1626 and 1627:
It deals with the resignation of Hakham Sasson Khadouri (1880-1971), the head of the Baghdad Jewish Community, following a demonstration against him by members of the community the previous October.
But because he was regarded in Olshon, as the book indicates, as a highly respected talmid hakham, it would seem that he could very well have spent time there.
See Amos Hakham, Sefer Tehillim - Da'at Mikra (Jerusalem: Mossad Harav Kook, 1990) p.
The Ray was not a lamdan who happened to have and use a smattering of general culture, and he was certainly not a philosopher who happened to be a talmid hakham, a Torah scholar.
Thus, [begin strikethrough]concludes[end strikethrough] Hakham concludes, our present psalm firmly belongs to[begin strikethrough]in[end strikethrough] the genre of the above- mentioned prophecies of both Isaiah, who was interpreting the past, and Ezekiel, Joel and Zechariah, who were prophesying about the future.
In order to mate and give birth to their fawns, hinds often return to their own birthplace under a tree (Feliks, quoted in Hakham, 16).
Amos Hakham, Da'atMikra: Sefer Tehillim (Jerusalem: Mossad Harav Kook, 1990) p.
Rabbi Kagan in his Mishnah Berurah, commenting on this law (sub-paragraph 5), discusses the custom for women not to work the entire day (quoting an earlier rabbinical authority, Hakham Zvi), and explains that this is discouraged since "idleness is a sin which breeds boredom [and leads to immorality].
In the Da'at Mikra edition of Psalms, Amos Hakham notes other evidence of material that was reworked to become a prayer for the future.
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After the Farhood, Hakham (rabbi) David ben Hakham Yosef Hayim (the Ben Ish Hai) called for slihot every Monday and Thursday to pray for the Jews of Europe and, in particular, of Poland.