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 (gī′jēn′, -jĭn′)
n. pl. gaijin
A non-Japanese person.

[Japanese : gai, outside, foreign (from Middle Chinese ŋuaj`) + jin, person; see jinriksha.]


n, pl -jin
(Languages) (in Japan) a foreigner
[C20: Japanese, a contraction of gaikoku-jin, from gaikoku foreign country + jin person]


(ˈgaɪ dʒin; Eng. ˈgaɪ dʒɪn)

n., pl. -jin (-dʒin; Eng. -dʒɪn)
Japanese. an outsider; foreigner.
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Dressed in a kimono and tight heavy obi (sash), her heavily powdered face looking unfamiliar to her in the mirror, Nikki danced with solemn concentration: "On top of I he weight of my attire, I feel the burden of my responsibility as a Japanese girl to make a good impression on the hakujin, the white folks who are better than us.
Yet unlike their Hakujin (12) friends and neighbours, the girls and women were somewhat troubled by their place in a world which was clearly demarcated by geographic, as well as cultural boundaries and markers.
To them he was not and would never be considered a Hakujin (white person) and hence not wholly American according to the common conception.
This difference between her and nisei such as her husband draws the couple apart; as outraged as Yano is by his wife's affair with another man, his pain is all the more compounded because he is a hakujin, one of those he feels condemned him and his immigrant community to second-class status.