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Halaka, Halakah, Halachah

the entire body of Jewish law, comprising Biblical laws, oral laws transcribed in the Talmud, and subsequent codes altering traditional teachings. — Halakist, Halachist, n. — Halakic, adj.
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"The stone could be drilled back into place, but that raises problems with Halachah [Jewish law].
It is an identity expressed by Halachah ("Jewish law") and social norms in Jewish communities, which hold that Jewish identity is conveyed from mother to childa--ai.e., religious criteria by itself does not define what it is to be "Jewish".
Rather than view the diverse and wide-ranging understandings of the religious precepts of Shariah in various Islamic sects as analogous to halachah (i.e.
Their topics include all in the family: ancient Israelite and Judahite families in context, presumptuous halachah: on determining the status of relationships outside Jewish marriage, contemporary modern Orthodox guidance books on marital sexuality, training parents to raise American Jewish children after World War II, and multiplying motherhood: gestational surrogate motherhood and Jewish law.
A former president of the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists and current member of its board, Rabbi Tendler is the author of Pardes Rimonim (a text on Jewish family life); coauthor with Professor Fred Rosner, MD, of Practical Medical Halachah, a primer for physicians; and author of Care of the Critically Ill--Responsa of Rav Moshe Feinstein, as well as many articles on science and religion in leading publications.
* The limitation of the authority of Jewish law (halachah) to the realm of the voluntary community, not the state
Born to a Jewish father and a Christian mother, Hyneman claimed a Jewish identity for herself, marrying a Jewish man and observing Halachah throughout her life (far more closely than Menken).
(See Ray Moses Trani, Kiryat Sefer on Yad, Is-surei Bi'ab, 21; "Contraception within Can-temporary Orthodoxy," by Gedalia Meyer and Henoch Messner and Integral Halachah: Transcending and Including, by Rabbis Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and Daniel Siegel.)
The Jewish-Muslim relationship can be quite close and fruitful because of the similarity of their sacred tongues, the related Semitic languages of Arabic and Hebrew, and the fact that sharia (Muslim religious law) and halachah (Jewish religious law) share legal terms and concepts in common.
Jackson ed., 1980); Moshe Simon-Shoshan, Halachah Lema'aseh: Narrative and Legal Discourse in the Mishnah (2005) (unpublished Ph.D.
We always start later than planned, forcing me to spend the first half of the evening starving and sneaking more salt-water-dipped-karpas than is permissible under halachah, at least according to my brother-in-law, our resident Orthodox rabbi.
The most significant issue raised in the text concerning MIAs--especially in Israel where Halachah (Jewish law) is the determining authority in many legal aspects of life--is the hard moral questions: when does one despair of searching and waiting for the lost soldier, and when is he declared a casualty, whose place of burial is unknown?