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The halberd-shaped leaves represent the sword that pierced Jesus' side, and the radial filaments symbolize the crown of thorns.
As the growing interest in multiband CP antennas, various designs of multiband circularly polarized antennas have also been proposed, including the dual-band CPW-fed circularly polarized antenna with two orthogonal slots [5], a dual-band CP antenna with two square slots in the opposite corner of the ground plane and two truncated corners of the main slot [6], and a dual-band circularly polarized antenna with slots loaded in the two opposite corners and the halberd-shaped strip connected at the end of the signal line [7].
To increase the bandwidth performance, square-slot antennas with multiple monopole elements [15] or a halberd-shaped feeder [16] were proposed; these allow for 3 dB AR bandwidths of 28.03% and 29.1%, respectively.
A printed square slot antenna (PSSA) excited by a halberd-shaped CPW feed line for circular polarization in the S-band was proposed in [10].
This halberd-shaped feeding signal line will be seen later to account for the CP operation in the high-frequency portion of the designed CP band.
1(a)) of the y-directed strip of the proposed halberd-shaped feeding structure and the left and upper edges of the [L.sub.s]-wide square slot.
This can be achieved by adding an additional y-directed feeding strip section with width [w.sub.1] and length [l.sub.2] to the inverted-L feeding signal line of the type 2 antenna with [l.sub.p] = 18.5 mm to form a halberd-shaped feeding signal line.