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half′ crown′

a former British coin equal to two shillings and sixpence.
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Noun1.half crown - an English coin worth half a crownhalf crown - an English coin worth half a crown  
coin - a flat metal piece (usually a disc) used as money
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As well as shilling coins, there were silver sixpenny pieces (tanners), florins (two bob) and half crowns (two and six), which was also known as two and a kick or half a dollar.
In the September general sale, a lot containing two albums of Victorian silver crowns, half crowns, shillings and other coins, sold for PS1,200.
Kenyan stars Shadrack Kimining and Violah Jepchumba will defend their Cardiff Half crowns after they sent race records tumbling 12 months ago.
He alleged that the silver FA Cup was melted on the night it was stolen, to be made into fake half crowns.
Lyrics from Basil go: My Saturday job pays six and six d A copy boy at the Chronicle Five cigarettes and two silver half crowns Meeting Vince at Mark Toney's in town Boy, do we get around Basil sits there on the table for subs But not a part of the Brinylon club Ancient blue sweater, too old for the job Bored out of his mind With the Colins and Bobs...
I miss half crowns and remain equally baffled by metric measurements and the way that English names for foreign places keep changing, but those of the foods associated with them (Peking duck, Ceylon tea) do not.
There, the half crowns would be spent on candy kippers, rock, or inflatable beach balls, and bathing rings.
It originally would have contained notes, half crowns, shillings, sixpences, 6d and half sovereigns, pennies and half pennies.