Half bent

the first notch, for the sear point to enter, in the tumbler of a gunlock; the halfcock notch.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The novelty of this singular scene excited such a murmur of mirth and gayety in the hall, that the cardinal was not slow to perceive it; he half bent forward, and, as from the point where he was placed he could catch only an imperfect view of Trouillerfou's ignominious doublet, he very naturally imagined that the mendicant was asking alms, and, disgusted with his audacity, he exclaimed: "Bailiff of the Courts, toss me that knave into the river!"
Rouletabille and I had been walking for several minutes, by the side of a long wall bounding the vast property of Monsieur Stangerson and had already come within sight of the entrance gate, when our attention was drawn to an individual who, half bent to the ground, seemed to be so completely absorbed in what he was doing as not to have seen us coming towards him.
It showed well-known TV personality MP Tariq Aziz half bent upon a neon signpost inside the court compound.
Almost half Bent's 60 topflight appearances for Spurs came from the bench, before he was eventually bombed out by Redknapp.
I'm sorry I spent much of the hour-and-a half bent over in my seat guffawing hard into the back of your head and I'm sorry I had those two chicken kievs before leaving the house, the ones with the extra garlic butter.
But if your arm is half straight and half bent, what muscle works?
For a few minutes before class ends, he dives into a short routine, crouching, spinning, and finishing with his leg raised and half bent behind him in attitude.
Linesmen and women still stand at the back of all courts, often half bent, hands on knees, scrutinising every ball that strays near the chalk marks
It is to their minor credit that Davies's side regrouped somewhat and only conceded one more - a second half Bent header frommicroscopic distance after Bywater had just about clawed a Jay McEveley deflection from under his crossbar.