Half tone

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n.1.(Fine Arts) An intermediate or middle tone in a painting, engraving, photograph, etc.; a middle tint, neither very dark nor very light.
2.(Music) A half step.
3.A print obtained by the half-tone photo-engraving process.
4.the etched plate used to reproduce a half-tone illustration.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Combining diary entries, riffs on natural subjects, field trips, photographs, and beautiful half tone wash drawings, "Natural Encounters" shows how many outdoor adventures are out there waiting in one's own backyard--inspiring the reader to embrace nature to achieve a more peaceful existence.
However, under UV light it exhibits a brilliant true colour half tone image that can only be achieved with foil, and not on paper surfaces.
The agency had planned to distribute a total of 16 boats with carrying capacities of at least half tone, depending on whether it was dry or wet fish.
But two fine points from Noelle Gormley set the second half tone.
In his prime, Touch Of Grey had his successes as a sire, with the likes of multiple winners Billaddie, Roger Ross, Half Tone and Sammy's Shuffle, although none had the same pace and ability as himself, a sprinting son of Derby winner Blakeney.
The muffin designs were produced half tone flexo using 8 colours on a 32-m[mu] film.
According to Akzo Nobel, this technique eliminates the need for costly heated rotary engraved dies and offers converters benefits such as half tone metallic effects and clear fine detail foiling with no recession of the foiled image into the substrate.
It's one where they sing a simple four-line song and at the end of each line they say: `Sing it again' and go up a half tone."
LINGFIELD: 1.25 Red Raja, 1.55 Ki Chi Saga, 2.25 Shanghai Lil, 3.00 Sleave Silk, 3.35 Half Tone, 4.10 Summer Bounty, 4.40 Landfrun, 5.10 Acid Test.
RACING: Jason Weaver had his first winner since returning to the saddle this year taken away from him when Half Tone, first past the post in the Come And Play A Round At Lingfield Handicap, was disqualified.
Main danger is likely to be Half Tone who had performed consistently all season.