v. t.1.To set the cock of (a firearm) at the first notch.
[imp. & p. p. Halfcocked(-kǒkt); p. pr. & vb. n. Halfcocking.]
To go off half-cocked
a - To be discharged prematurely, or with the trigger at half cock; - said of a firearm.
b - To do or say something without due thought or care.
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The hammer has a halfcock "safety notch" as well as an unobtrusive crossbolt safety.
What we want is a telly tickle that's got legs even if Leicester rock up halfcock in terms of their top-rank game-changers.
(The Detonics does not have a passive firing-pin safety system, but it does use a heavier-than-standard firing-pin spring.) But alleging that this practice is unsafe would come as a surprise, if it didn't elicit outright amusement, from past generations of 1911 users--military, law enforcement and civilians alike--who chose this mode of carry (as well as halfcock) with success.
Better still, when on halfcock the chambers line up with the loading gate and makes Ruger Single Actions feel more like Colt Single Actions.
An additional safety is present in the form of a halfcock notch in the hammer, which may be lowered to this position after chambering a round.
A paddle-style magazine release was located behind the trigger guard, and the safety, a lever on the left rear of the frame, could only be applied when the hammer was at halfcock.
McLeish said: "You have to think maybe that's the case because of the way we started with a backpass, Ben made a halfcock clearance, which leads to the corner kick, which leads to the goal.
Also, the centerfire block has a floating firing pin, so it is not necessary to halfcock the gun when operating it--though I do it anyway, just out of tradition.
Mr Halfcock wrote to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs asking if he was going to do anything about the whip, to which the answer was a deafening "no".
When they're aligned, pull the hammer back to halfcock. Keep the hammer in that position or the trigger/sear spring could get disengaged.
The hammer is left in a halfcock position, with a hammerblock that prevents the hammer from contacting the floating firing pin unless the trigger is squeezed.