n.1.One who possesses or gives half only; one who shares.
2.A male fallow deer gelded.
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New graduate registered nurses (RNs) and RNs new to a clinical specialty have been expected to quickly integrate into a complex environment with little to no transition support, often leading to high stress, practice errors, patient safety concerns, and turnover (American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing [AAACN], 2014; Goode, Lynn, Krsek, & Bednash, 2009; Halfer & Graf, 2006; Herdrich & Lindsay, 2006; Kowalski & Cross, 2010; Spector & Echternacht, 2010; Wisotzkey, 2011).
They also desire a mentor to provide support beyond orientation (Kramer, Maguire, Halfer et al.
Halfer (2011) and Holtom and O'Neill (2004) use the term to describe those who did not leave their jobs during a specific amount of time.
Residency programs are time-limited, retention-focused, formal, either within a specific area of the hospital or nursing department-wide, with skill and knowledge outcomes (Kramer, Maguire, Halfer, Brewer, & Schmalenberg, 2013).
Transition shock and thought provoking situations during the early course of their nursing work are both documented causes of why some new graduates leave nursing after their first year of practice (Missen et al 2014; Drury et al 2009; Halfer and Graf 2006).
Halfer ve Graf, [2] saglik kuruluslarindaki yogun calisma ortami, ileri medikal teknoloji ve fazla sayida bagimliligi (acuity) yuksek hastalarin olmasi gibi nedenlerle yeni mezun hemsirelerin mesleklerinin ilk yilinda %35 ile %60 oraninda isten ayrildiklarini bildirmektedir.
Additionally, improved retention following a preceptorship programme was reported by Halfer et al (2008).
This article defends the Doomsday Argument, the Halfer Position in Sleeping Beauty, the Fine-Tuning Argument, and the applicability of Bayesian confirmation theory to the Everett interpretation of quantum mechanics.
Myriad research studies have been conducted in an attempt to identify factors contributing to the mass exodus of new graduate nurses from the profession (Candela & Bowles, 2005; Casey, Fink, Krugman, & Propst, 2004; Duchscher, 2009; Halfer & Graf, 2006; McKenna, Smith, Poole, & Coverdale, 2003).
Halfer, Graf, and Sullivan, (2008) in a descriptive study of 84 graduates, who completed a paediatric internship programme, found that job satisfaction was greatly improved and that graduate turnover decreased from twenty to twelve percent.
School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL; Diana Halfer,
Liverpool were dominating now, but Hobbs suffered more torment three minutes later when he miscontrolled a difficult pass from Jerzy Dudek, was robbed by Daniel Halfer and Marcel Ziemer tapped in an equaliser.