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 (äl-yäk′môn, ä′lē-äk′-)
A river, about 320 km (200 mi) long, of northern Greece. It is the longest river in the country.
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334-345) And Tethys bare to Ocean eddying rivers, Nilus, and Alpheus, and deep-swirling Eridanus, Strymon, and Meander, and the fair stream of Ister, and Phasis, and Rhesus, and the silver eddies of Achelous, Nessus, and Rhodius, Haliacmon, and Heptaporus, Granicus, and Aesepus, and holy Simois, and Peneus, and Hermus, and Caicus fair stream, and great Sangarius, Ladon, Parthenius, Euenus, Ardescus, and divine Scamander.
Archaeologists describe their findings from ongoing excavations in the early Greek colony of Methone, in the southern tip of the Haliacmon River Delta just north of modern-day Agathoupolis and southwest of Thessaloniki.