Haliotis tuberculata

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Noun1.Haliotis tuberculata - an abalone found near the Channel IslandsHaliotis tuberculata - an abalone found near the Channel Islands
abalone, ear-shell - any of various large edible marine gastropods of the genus Haliotis having an ear-shaped shell with pearly interior
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The energetic physiology or scope for growth (SFG), has been studied in gastropods such as Ancylus fluviatilis (Calow, 1975), Bullia digitalis (Stenton-Dozey & Brown, 1988), Buccinum undatum (Kideys, 1998), Chorus giganteus (Navarro et al., 2002, 2006), Concholepas concholepas (Navarro & Torrijos, 1995), Haliotis tuberculata (Peck et al., 1987), Haliotis midae (Barkai & Griffiths, 1987, 1988), Haliotis fulgens (Farias et al., 2003), Nassarius conoidalis (Liu et al., 2011; Zhang et al., 2015), Nassarius siquijorensis (Liu et al., 2011), Patella vulgata (Davies et al., 1990), Planorbis contortus (Calow, 1975), Polinices duplicatus (Huebner & Edwards, 1981) and Thais lapillus (Stickle & Bayne, 1982).
2012), and the determination of the chromosome number of Haliotis tuberculata L.
External rings have been shown to reliably determine the age of several species of abalone such as Haliotis australis (Poore 1972), although in some Haliotis species either an annual periodicity was not evident or the putative annual lines were confused with other subannual growth checks [e.g., Haliotis lamellosa (Bolognari 1953), Haliotis tuberculata (Forster 1967), Haliotis mariae (Shepherd et al.
The development of Haliotis tuberculata with special reference to the organogenesis during torsion.
Also, for Haliotis tuberculata coccinea obtained optimal growth rates with a mixture of red seaweeds, and this study give more emphasis in protein and carbohydrate components for obtain optimal growth (Fermin & Mae-Buen, 2002; Vieira et al., 2005).
Comparative performances of juvenile abalone (Haliotis tuberculata coccinea Reeve) fed enriched vs non-enriched macroalgae: effect on growth and body composition.
Studies by Crofts (1937, 1955) on muscle morphogenesis in Haliotis tuberculata and several other archaeogastropods have been particularly influential.
The impacts of handling and air exposure on immune parameters, gene expression, and susceptibility to vibriosis of European abalone Haliotis tuberculata. Fish Shellfish Immunol.
The development of Haliotis tuberculata: with special reference to organogenesis during torsion.
(1995a) found that two species of abalone, Haliotis tuberculata and Haliotis discus hannai, have a great capacity to use carbohydrates for energy and perhaps for other nutritional purposes.
Biological and ecological studies on the propagation of the ormer, Haliotis tuberculata (Linnaeus).