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 (hôl′stăt′, häl′shtät′)
Of or relating to a dominant Iron Age culture of central and western Europe, probably chiefly Celtic, that flourished from the ninth to the fifth century bc.

[After the type site at Hallstatt, a village of northern Austria.]


(ˈhælstæt) or


(Archaeology) of or relating to a late Bronze Age culture extending from central Europe to Britain and lasting from the 9th to the 5th century bc, characterized by distinctive burial customs, bronze and iron tools, etc
[C19: named after Hallstatt, Austrian village where remains were found]


(hɔlˈstæt, ˈhɑl ʃtɑt)

of or designating an early period of Iron Age culture in central and W Europe.
[1865–70; after the village in central Austria where remains of the culture were found]
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Price includes six night's b/b staying at the Seehotel Schlick on the shores of Lake Fuschl, seven dinners, a trip to Kitzbuhel, a three lakes tour, a day in Bad Ischl and Hallstatt, en-route and return overnights in Belgium and all coach travel.
com, 020 8492 6868 COACH TRIPS Austrian lakes and Alps from PS509pp: Leave from various UK pick-up points on March 17 for a nine-day tour including six nights' B&B at the Seehotel Schlick by Lake Fuschl, seven dinners, trips to Kitzbuhel, Bad Ischl and Hallstatt, overnight stays in Belgium and all coach travel.
One town, Hallstatt, impressed Chinese visitors to such an extent that they rebuilt an entire clone in Luoyang, Henan province.
The race should be run to suit, with Mullen expected to take a pull in the early stages before closing on likely pacesetters Ice Galley and Hallstatt around the bend, while the draw in stall five couldn't be much better given her running style.
En este sentido, no identifican conceptos como Hallstatt, La Tene o Campos de Urnas necesariamente con lenguas celtas y definen "celta" como el hablante de una de esas lenguas independientemente de su cultura material (Cunliffe et al.
The festival talks include the Hallstatt Lecture by Professor Huw Bowen on Wednesday, August 24, which explores the interaction between Wales and India during the creation of the British Indian Empire in 1750-1850.
As expected, the orbital-climatic influence is strongly disturbed by the Hallstatt solar cycle in this band, as evidenced by the strong phase and amplitude discrepancy between the summer 65 N insolation and MSL, for this band.
1 Integration NBS / ABS Erfurt Hallstatt - Section BA 2400 VP BreitengE-E-bach - Tang village are the benefits of a BE[pounds sterling]Z (including BE[pounds sterling]B Ob / KIB, BE[pounds sterling]B LST, BE[pounds sterling]B electrical engineering, BE[pounds sterling]W Environment, Health and Safety Coordination, Betra processing, claims management, etc.
151) Die Schalen und Handhaben werden uber Vergleichsfunde in der regionalen Graberkeramik vornehmlich in die Zeitstufe Hallstatt C datiert.
CLONED VILLAGE Hallstatt Alpine Village in China is a replica of a tourist village with the same name in Austria.
Among the most eye-popping examples are a copy of the Austrian alpine village and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hallstatt in the southern province of Guangdong, which even state media called "a bold example of China's knock-off culture".
There will also be a visit to the hillside town of Hallstatt, and St Wolfgang, for a ride on the Schafberg Cog Mountain Railway.