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 (hăl′mə-hĕr′ə, häl′mä-hĕ′rä)
An island of eastern Indonesia between New Guinea and Sulawesi. It is the largest of the Moluccas. Japanese installations on the island were a frequent target for Allied bombing raids in 1944.


(Placename) an island in NE Indonesia, the largest of the Moluccas: consists of four peninsulas enclosing three bays; mountainous and forested. Area: 17 780 sq km (6865 sq miles). Former names: Djailolo, Gilolo or Jilolo


(ˌhæl məˈhɛr ə, ˌhɑl-)

an island in NE Indonesia: the largest of the Moluccas. ab. 100,000; 6928 sq. mi. (17,944 sq. km).
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Halmahera people are able to reshape Christian cosmology to make sense in local terms first by casting the same kind of scepticism on its claims that they do on their own occult theories.
We also have a long and successful working relationship with Antam in Indonesia through PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals, which manages the Gosowong gold mine in the North Halmahera district of North Maluku province.
Beschrieben wird die neue Art Hemiscyllium halmahera auf der Grundlage von zwei Exemplaren mit 656-681 mm TL (Gesamtlange), die bei Ternate, Halmahera, in Indonesien gefangen wurden.
Jaya said the financing could be used for the East Halmahera ferronickel plant because the project needs supplies and equipment from abroad.
88 degrees eastern longitude, 132 km southwest of South Halmahera, and at a depth of 10 km below sea level.
The helicopter was chartered by PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals, a joint venture between Newcrest Mining Ltd.
SO UNLUCKY: Texas Gold (nearside) is pipped by Halmahera
He ended up racing on the far side in a group of three and was collared close home by Halmahera.
Halmahera, part-owned by his wife Gillian, arrived fast and late to snatch the totesport Portland Handicap at Doncaster yesterday and become the first horse to win the race for a third time.
Hill bet: 5-1 Jonny Ebeneezer, 13-2 Mutawaqed, 9-1 Machinist, 11-1 Pic Up Sticks, 12-1 Merlin's Dancer, Tom Tun, 14-1 Artie, Caribbean Coral, Cd Europe, Halmahera, Sir Desmond, Undeterred, 16-1
A third pattern appears on one western island, Halmahera, and on several of Oceania's easternmost islands, possibly marking a separate Lapita dispersal.
Halmahera gave racing a welcome good story yesterday as he became only the fourth horse to land successive runnings of the Tote Trifecta Portland Handicap.