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 (hăl′mə-hĕr′ə, häl′mä-hĕ′rä)
An island of eastern Indonesia between New Guinea and Sulawesi. It is the largest of the Moluccas. Japanese installations on the island were a frequent target for Allied bombing raids in 1944.


(Placename) an island in NE Indonesia, the largest of the Moluccas: consists of four peninsulas enclosing three bays; mountainous and forested. Area: 17 780 sq km (6865 sq miles). Former names: Djailolo, Gilolo or Jilolo


(ˌhæl məˈhɛr ə, ˌhɑl-)

an island in NE Indonesia: the largest of the Moluccas. ab. 100,000; 6928 sq. mi. (17,944 sq. km).
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Ring of fire - Tsunami waves nine centimetres high were detected at Jailolo on Halmahera island, in the Maluku Islands, the meteorological agency said.
1 quake occurred west of Halmahera island, which is about four hours' flight from the capital, Jakarta, AP reported.
Washington, Sept 22 ( ANI ): One hundred years after the death of Sir Alfred Russel Wallace, an international team of zoologists has discovered a new genus of mammal in the Halmahera Island in Indonesia.
With a producing concession in nickel-rich Halmahera Island and a newly acquired exploration permit in South East Sulawesi, the company is looking to ramp up production in the near future.
Mount Karangetang, on Siau island in North Sulawesi, and Mount Ibu, on Halmahera island in North Maluku, have had their alert level raised to standby, just one below a full eruption.
The volcano is located in the Ibu district on Halmahera Island, about 2,700 kilometers northeast of Jakarta.
The volcano is on remote Halmahera island 1,500 miles north-east of Jakarta.
However, some of ANTAM's joint ventures made significant progress, although there remained only one operational joint venture, PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals (NHM) in Gosowong, Halmahera Island.
Gag Island also sits on top of an incredibly rich seam of nickel which stretches from Halmahera Island in the Northern Malukus, continuing in a sweeping arc into West Papua, through Gag Island and across to Waigeo Island on the eastern end of the Raja Ampat archipelago.
Top spot in the miscellaneous category was awarded for Grant Harding's aerial shot of the process plant and camp site at the Gosowong gold project on Halmahera Island, Indonesia (17).
At least 173 people, most Christians, were killed, more than 200 were injured and almost 300 houses were burned Monday in Indonesia's strife-torn Halmahera Island in North Maluku Province during an hourlong attack by Muslims on a Christian village, witnesses said Tuesday.
Police said 108 Christians and eight Muslims died in the attack against the Christian village of Duma, on Halmahera island about 1,600 miles north- east of Jakarta.