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For both LALP and HALP calculations, the same support is considered.
For HALP systems, Cr-type catalysts show activities higher than 4 kg PE/kg cats (1), with values as high as 18 (37).
The two experimental systems introduced in the previous section as LALP and HALP were analyzed using the model.
B] in the accessible pore structure of the particle for points at the particle center (dotted line) and at the exterior surface (full line) for the LALP and HALP systems, respectively.
The data used in Part I for both LALP and HALP system are employed here.
Kinetic constants for low-activity catalysts are calculated employing laboratory data (8, 13, 14) using the scheme in Part I For HALP and HAMP systems.
The polymerization systems introduced in the previous section as LALP, HALP, and HAMP were analyzed using the model.
He also visited the HALP training laboratory specialized in networks established by Huawei company at NTI premises in Nasr city.
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