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(Plants) any of several trees or shrubs constituting the hamameliaceous genus Hamamelis, native to E Asia and North America and cultivated as ornamentals. See witch hazel
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Noun1.hamamelis - deciduous shrubs or small trees: witch hazelHamamelis - deciduous shrubs or small trees: witch hazel
plant genus - a genus of plants
family Hamamelidaceae, Hamamelidaceae, witch-hazel family - comprises genera Hamamelis, Corylopsis, Fothergilla, Liquidambar, Parrotia, and other small genera
witch hazel, witch hazel plant, wych hazel, wych hazel plant - any of several shrubs or trees of the genus Hamamelis; bark yields an astringent lotion
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Hamamelis mollis Boskoop is a plant for winter flowers.
While there are small trees to provide foliage or flower colour for all seasons, few flower in winter, the exception being the Witch Hazel (Hamamelis mollis), smothered in sweet-scented yellow flowers in mid-winter.
My winter-flowering jasmine is usually one of the first with its floral gifts but it's been pipped this year by the witch hazel hamamelis mollis - my favourite one being H.
Hamamelis - Piles that bleed profusely accompanied by a sensation as if the back would break.
li th t f Hamamelis are the stars of any winter to early spring flowering shrubbery, when there's little else in flower.
Here are a few seasonal suggestions: * Winter - Christmas box (sarcococca), lonicera fragrantissima, mahonia japonica, witch hazel (hamamelis mollis) and viburnum bodnantense.
Plant a yellow flowered form of hamamelis mollis with a beech hedge as a background and watch the colours in January and February as they shine brightly in the garden.
A Among my favourites are witch hazel (hamamelis), fothergilla, euonymus alata and many of the small cherry and rowan trees.
But the very best of the winter flowering shrubs must be Hamamelis (witch hazel).
These include winter sweet, hamamelis (witch hazel) and sarcococca.
Hamamelis (witch hazel) Choose Hamamelis x intermedia `Jelena' for wonderful spidery orange flowers, or `Pallida' for the yellow equivalent.
Winter flowers Witch hazel (Hamamelis) is a bit different.