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n. Abbr. H
A mathematical function that can be used to generate the equations of motion of a dynamic system, equal for many such systems to the sum of the kinetic and potential energies of the system expressed in terms of the system's coordinates and momenta treated as independent variables.

[After Sir William Rowan Hamilton (1805-1865), Irish mathematician.]


(ˌhæməlˈtəʊnɪən) physics maths
1. (General Physics) a mathematical function of the coordinates and momenta of a system of particles used to express their equations of motion
2. (General Physics) a mathematical operator that generates such a function. Symbol: H
(General Physics) denoting or relating to Sir William Rowan Hamilton, or to the theory of mechanics or mathematical operator devised by him


(ˌhæm əlˈtoʊ ni ən)

1. pertaining to or advocating Hamiltonianism.
2. a supporter of Alexander Hamilton or Hamiltonianism.
[1790–1800, Amer.]
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The monograph explicitly computes the Hitchin integrable system on the moduli space of Higgs bundles, compares the Hitchin Hamiltonians with those found by van Geemen-Previato, and prove the transversality of the induced flow with the locus of unstable bundles.
Similarly, the recent impressive success of the NHSP phenomenological models is almost exclusively related to the use of the non-Hermitian local-interaction Hamiltonians
As for the different systems the different Hamiltonians are appropriate, for different situations, one should use appropriate G([??], [??]).
Its also great to see the NZ Transport Agency and Government investing in our community and with summer approaching I look forward to seeing Hamiltonians out and about enjoying our beautiful city.
Fokas, "Hamiltonians and conjugate Hamiltonians of some fourth-order nonlinear ODEs," Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications, vol.
Several symplectic schemes with weak orders 2 or 3 are proposed for special types of SHS (such as SHSs with additive noise or SHSs with separable Hamiltonians), but it is concluded that further investigation is needed to obtain higher-order symplectic schemes for the general SHS (1.1) with multiplicative noise; see Remark 4.2 in [17].
extensions of symmetric restrictions [1,6-8] and is closely related with the subjects of point interaction Hamiltonians [7,9-11] and surface interactions [12].
Steve Smith, the comedian known for his character Red Green, broadcasters Dan Mclean and Connie Smith, former mayor Robert Morrow and businessman Mark Chamberlain will join McPherson as this year's inductees, bringing the total number of distinguished Hamiltonians to 152.
Papers include both original results and surveys on recent advances in the mathematical theory of quantum magnetic Hamiltonians. Paper topics include spectral and scattering theory for magnetic Schrodinger operators; magnetic Pauli and Dirac operators; magnetic operators on manifolds; microlocal analysis of magnetic Hamiltonians; random Schrodinger operators and quantum Hall effect; Ginsburg-Landau equation, supraconductivity, magnetic bottles; Bose-Einstein condensate, Gross-Pitaevski equation; and magnetic Lieb-Thirring inequalities, stability of matter.
Hamiltonians were out in great numbers to show their sadness and their appreciation of our emergency services.
The coupling constants are in general complex, in which case the Hamiltonians violate T-invariance.
To enable Hamiltonians who speak Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian to strengthen their communities as they locate a host agency that will provide an overall administrative structure.