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 (hăm′ər-shōld′, -shəld, hä′mär-shœld′), Dag Hjalmar Agné Carl 1905-1961.
Swedish political leader and secretary-general of the United Nations (1953-1961) who increased the UN's influence through his peacekeeping efforts in Suez, Lebanon, and Congo. He won the 1961 Nobel Peace Prize posthumously.


(ˈhæməˌʃʊld; Swedish ˈhamarʃœld)
(Biography) Dag (Hjalmar Agne Carl) (dɑːɡ). 1905–61, Swedish statesman; secretary-general of the United Nations (1953–61): Nobel peace prize 1961


(ˈhæm ər ʃəld, -ˌʃœld)

Dag Hjalmar, 1905–61, Swedish statesman: Secretary General of the U.N. 1953–61; Nobel peace prize 1961.
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Noun1.Hammarskjold - Swedish diplomat who greatly extended the influence of the United Nations in peacekeeping matters (1905-1961)
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