Hammer lock

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1.(Wrestling) A hold in which an arm of one contestant is held twisted and bent behind his back by his opponent.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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You learn how to do a wrist lock, you learn a hammer lock, whereas in here you learn how to be a superstar and how to communicate your story as an artist," Becky said.
FORGET about asset sale, there are over a dozen stressed companies that would go under the hammer lock, stock and barrel, if the lending banks succeed in finding a new owner.
As this new edition goes to press, Wise Use has a hammer lock on the White House and on the House of Representatives (where the chairperson of the Resources Committee, Richard Pombo, fights to open public land to resource exploitation).
And, like all current Taurus revolvers, Trackers feature the key-activated Taurus Security System hammer lock.
Rampant inflation of everyday goods combined with soaring unemployment have put a hammer lock on legit video in many territories, while the pirates, touting cheap prices (and usually woefully inferior copies), are thriving.
"On the one hand, we knew the banks had a hammer lock on the company and could have taken it into default,' said Randy Barber.
Tour operators have a hammer lock on most available hotel rooms, and Eskimo cultural demonstrations are usually done only for tour groups, so a brief visit is most cost effective with a group.
Well, Friedrich von Martini, a Swiss, took the Peabody action and eliminated Peabody's external hammer lock by incorporating the complete firing mechanism within the breechblock itself.
The MSR RX22 small-bore tactical training rifle from Anschutz Sporting Arms operates on a force-locking blowback action system with a hammer lock. The MSR RX22 barrels are manufactured to the same exacting tolerances as Anschutz's target barrels with a special button-rifling process, and the barrel features a recessed target crown.
This particular sixgun needs a little more adjustment since if the hammer is cocked slowly, the hammer locks into firing mode before the cylinder is in battery.
Turning a small screw in the top of the hammer locks the action closed and prevents cocking the hammer.