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a.1.(Firearms) Without a visible hammer; - said of a gun having a cock or striker concealed from sight, and out of the way of an accidental touch.
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ItAaAaAeA{Es surely not too fanciful to see t bit where his hammer gets broken by a woman as a symbolic castration, and his subsequent hammer-less journey as a quest to becoming a smarter, less macho man.
Based on a hammer-less design, the two 99s feature a striker that is cocked with the trigger for, the first shot.
The new hammer-less five-shot revolvers are available in .
Both the exposed hammer version and the hammer-less version have a sliding safety on the tang that engages automatically when the shotgun is closed.
The tiny device, which is permanently installed in the trigger housing, will work on all firearms, including hammer-less firearms and shotguns.
Two revolvers were included in the test One, the Model 332, is a Centennial hammer-less design; the other, a 331, has a hammer.