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n.1.(Gothic Arch.) A member of one description of roof truss, called hammer-beam truss, which is so framed as not to have a tiebeam at the top of the wall. Each principal has two hammer-beams, which occupy the situation, and to some extent serve the purpose, of a tiebeam.
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The upper room, which has a hammerbeam roof was built in 1641.
Buchanan Street is also home to the Argyll Arcade with its ornate iron-framed hammerbeam roof.
Apart from the architectural features, there is a regimental museum, military prison, the Mons Meg (a 500-year-old siege canon), a 12th century chapel, the Great Hall with an unusual hammerbeam roof, the 15th century royal apartments, and outstanding northward views over the gardens and geometric patterned New Town.
The quality of the work, from the hammerbeam roof to the stonework is superb.